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The band is already following up their debut EP with some new songs inspired by modern metal influences.  The band is excited to share their passion for music with music lovers and new fans around the world.

Rule of Law is mixing and mastering their soon to arrive debut EP.  Rule of Law would like to thank GGGarth Richardson for an amazing weekend at The Farm Studios in the beautiful sunshine coast of British Columbia, Canada.  The band had an unforgettable time, and are grateful for the experience recording with a true legend, and a musical icon, responsible for the success of many popular bands over several decades. 

After a long search across North America, Rule of Law found the newest addition to their band, and welcomed lead singer Alex Nekrylau.  They're very excited about the successful collaboration, and are looking forward to recording their debut EP.  Alex brings his amazing vocals, searing harmonies, and strong melodic integrity.
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